Added Value

Increasingly, customers are looking to reduce in-house costs. We have many ways of reducing your need to provide labour, space and working capital thus allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Often, the largest savings are realised by the delivery of sub-assemblies into a customer, giving advantages through quality improvements, BOM savings, packaging reductions, and delivery simplifications Additionally, assemblies can be 100% tested prior to delivery thus removing further cost for the customer.

Additionally we offer a range of finishing services such as printing, welding and have relationships with specialist providers for painted and plated finishes.

With a varied range of customers, we tailor our services to satisfy each of their different requirements and we will always arrive at a solution that gives the customer the best possible service. We offer a number of standard logistics tools that reduce your costs:-

  • EDI
  • Bar-coding
  • Self billing
  • Timeslot deliveries
  • Kanban & Lineside deliveries

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