Our Policy

The Quality Policy of Mitre Plastics is to provide products and service, which aim to give total customer satisfaction through focused continuous improvement. Our full policy can be found here.

Staff Commitment

Staff incentives are based on quality of product rather than rate of output thereby ensuring a focus on quality performance throughout the company.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  (Abraham Lincoln)

With comprehensive product planning methods, we ensure that products enter production in a fully developed state. We direct resources to the A.P.Q.P (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process to minimise unnecessary intervention in series production. We can provide all standard automotive and non-automotive product packs and manage sub-contract services

  • PFMEA reports
  • Control plans
  • Quality plans
  • Process capability studies/ongoing SPC throughout product life
  • Production Part Approval Process (P.P.A.P.) - inclusive of full dimensional reports
  • Performance testing - (DT & NDT)
  • Materials testing
  • Provision of gauges and checking fixtures

Continuous Inspection

Part quality is continually monitored within the plant to assure acceptable product and fulfil customer requirements. This is done on a 24hr basis by a team of first line inspectors performing essential quality tasks in line with our TS16949 accreditation:-

  • First off & last off inspection
  • Patrol Inspection
  • In-process SPC


Quality Resources

In order to produce comprehensive full drawing dimensional inspection reports our facilities are fully resourced with contact and non-contact CMM's equipped with 3D CAD enabled software. 

Quality Performance

Quality related performance is constantly monitored and evaluated by both ourselves and our customers as an ongoing pro-active approach to improving our quality systems and procedures. Key Performance Indicators with targets are communicated to staff and displayed throughout the plant.

IATF16949 Certificate

In 2018, we successfully converted from TS to IATF 16949.  

You can download our IATF16949 certificate here

You can download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here

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