Some of the Sectors We Supply to


We have developed our systems to satisfy automotive customer requirements. Over 75% of our work is within the automotive supply chain, working as a tier-2 supplier. We supply interior and exterior trim, underbonnet, switchgear and HVAC components.

Working with customer specific requirements, we understand the importance of satisfying ever-evolving demands for increased performance and commitments to reducing costs.

Domestic GoodsDomestic Goods

One of our most varied sectors – mechanical integrity, high visual demands and low-cost. We have been supplying products to the domestic goods industry since the 1970's. We can demonstrate that it is posisble to manufacture in the UK and still exceed demanding cost targets.


As the electronics sector has changed, we have continued to support with new technologies and techniques. From functional components, often utilising our insert moulding skills, through to consumer products with high aesthetic requirements, Mitre Plastics can deliver quality products from tooling that is often made for short product life and low investment cost.

Packaging, Food & DrinkPackaging, Food & Drink

From school meals to shot glasses, from supermarket trays to ice-cream container lids we can supply high volume packaging components that meet exacting standards and low production cost. Full material and product traceability as standard helps support the demands of the sector.

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